“They say there are no more original ideas, I say you are not being creative enough.”

RipCord Logo
A Logo for a fictional metal processing shop

Vampirate Logo
A logo redesign for the book series “Vampirates” by Justin Somper
(Fan Made)
Art Gallery Postcard Card
A postcard for an art gallery
Matte Painting Comp.
A compilation video of various matte paintings from various movies/tv shows
9 Mashup
This is a mashup of the movies: “9” and “Abigail”

Music Video
A music video featuring a song from celldweller: “Makes No Diffeerence” from his album “Wish Upon A Blackstar”
Joy ad
A fan made ad for a drug from the video game “We Happy Few”

Type Anatomy
A card defining type anatomy using various type faces
Farmers Market Logo
A banner for the local college farmers market